Personal Trainer 

Registered Nurse, BCRPA Personal Trainer


I have been active in one way or another, mostly recreational running, hiking and biking.  I have never been restricted in what I did.  Being a registered nurse, I have been privy to others’ adversity and have seen individuals accomplish what some thought was not achievable.  It was through a series of physical health challenges, that it was now my turn to not be defined by my inability but instead by my ability.  I look for the positive in the situation and push through adversity.  This is where you find me, as a Fitness Trainer.  My experience as a registered nurse and Fitness Trainer gives me a unique perspective.  I believe a healthy lifestyle and fitness has far reaching effects into all aspects of your life, as it has mine.  My fitness journey is ongoing, and I invite you to join me and see where it may lead you. 


Personal Trainer 

MBA, BCRPA Personal Trainer








From the moment my feet touched the ground I was active.  My passion for dance played a significant part of who I am today. My career has spanned multiple industries from working for international companies and ownership of several businesses. 

As a business leader, I believe that in all aspects of our lives, we should work smarter, show empathy, be respectful and authentic.  Our priority must be our physical, and mental fitness.

I have been a coach for more than 20 years, not only in fitness and dance, but in personal and professional development.

Life has many twists and turns.  I met my husband Shane at the very same time a new storm was gathering.  He experienced several significant health issues.  It became a time of reflection and a renewed energy for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  As I watched him push through adversity, I recognized my own adversity, returning to my passion and who I am meant to be. 

Together we've got this!


Workout anywhere, anytime!

Coaching anytime, and from any location.

It gets hard to find the time to work out and eat right with your busy lifestyle, work schedule, family and other commitments.  

We will provide: 

  • Personalized programming to meet your individual need through our online program

  • Nutrition & Health Resources & Coaching

  • Motivation and encouragement with consistent follow up and review to ensure you are meeting your targets.. 

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